Welcome to Lennar Sucks Organization, a non-commercial, non-profit, no ads consumer protest website; On A Mission Exposing "Lennar Homes" Website: Lennar.com™ We operate under the protection of the U.S. Constitution and Free Speech Rights to expose alleged unjust, unfair, unprofessional, unfriendly, lack of respect to home buyer and negative treatment to significant harm of a customer by "Lennar" a.k.a."Lennar Homes" How & Why Lennar Sucks Big Time! Assumed Lennar homes sales slump via coronavirus must make Lennar regret screwing-us?

We are starting our true story at its end as far as timing goes because of Coronavirus pandemic. We suspect "Lennar Homes" now regrets in-effect "screwing us" due to Coronavirus slowing down Lennar sales! We also conclude nationwide real estate sales will decline dramatically starting March 2020 and consequently see prices in general going down fast.

late-breaking news latest info online update about my Lennar homes experienceThis Trouble Ahead website has now been freshly updated regarding several important aspects of this troubling experience with Lennar®, Lennar Homes®, Lennar Corp & Opendoor®

Lennar Homes affiliate Opendoor.com™ also sucks but to a far lesser degree than does Lennar.com™ It's all covered on this new consumer protest site about the extremely negative things you should know about Lennar and how Lennar homes treats people and does business.

There are new home searches being done looking for info about Lennar®. Some related searches are on: "Lennar" lennar homes, lennar reviews, lennar complaints, lennar homes feedback, lennar consumer reports, how Lennar treats customers and more (we are here to inform you).

Today is a good time to caution the new-build home buying public about Lennar's amazingly poor dealings with customers, like myself and others. This is how Lennar treats clients, Lennar homes can cause great stress and severe headaches for so many lennar buyers and their actions (or inactions) result in home purchase failing and real stressful times, with monetary losses and severe headaches.

You should know why and how "Lennar Homes sucks" to such an incredibly high degree before you decide to purchase a house from "Lennar" who is such a deplorable company.

We also have a new legal action web-page (linked to below) where we suggest exactly how unhappy existing Lennar home buyers can file a low-cost lawsuit, with little hassle and without a costly attorney. In fact, lawyers are not allowed to participate at all.

Here you can learn about how Lennar does business and treats its customers. These shocking experiences with Lennar Homes are reported by "David" a "Lennar" home buyer (plus there's links and feedback from numerous other very unhappy Lennar Homes buyers).

Below you can read the truth and evidence on how Lennar's team and its executives allegedly have shown no respect to both the dead and dead persons family. In other words, Lennar's Team disturbingly has no respect for both the dead or the living! we learn the truth on lennar and how lennar homes shamefully shows no respect for the dead or living so lennar is not inconvenienced

The disturbing trouble ahead true story starts May 2019 when home buyers sign Lennar sales contract. The "Lennar Homes" Salesperson and Realtor® informs buyers he anticipates Lot-111 completion date April 1 2020 and puts that date in Lennar's awfully long 61-page contract. the Lennar Homes team sucks will be causing trouble ahead

Next April was also a good time for cash funding since we would have money by April, not necessarily earlier. Upon signing, agent didn't inform us it may be ready long before April and we did not know "Lennar" can build early or build late and at anytime without buyer agreeing on date!

Of course, it's very difficult to read 61 pages of small print size legalities and boiler-plate details. That's especially with the Lennar Agent & Realtor® hovering nearby, who doesn't want to spend all day reviewing all aspects of a complex "Lennar Corp" sales contract.

Interestingly, the "Lennar Homes" Realtor® and Salesperson referenced above told both buyers a reason contract is so long is so Lennar cannot be sued (exact quote). With that said, it would be very good business practice for "Lennar Homes" and Lennar's Agent to (at a bare minimum) at least highlight important and significant aspects to its sales agreement.

For example, buyers should at least be informed Lennar may build the house late or early and at sellers option, without buyers okay; i.e. in my case February not April. That issue is incredibly important to Lennar Home buyers and we are sure you agree! Even better would be buyer initials on the applicable contract paragraphs, in view of its high importance.

The Lennar-homes salesperson also neglects to highlight and point-out Lennar Homes may or may not wait for a possibility of late funds after scheduled dates, allegedly based on if they have a secret desire to sell to someone else to make more profit from price increasing!

Q. Why are you not publishing your Lennar Salespersons name?

Lennar Corporate was said to be responsible for decision to cancel contract

A. It's because near end of ordeal during a phone call he said he wasn't to blame and there was nothing he could have done because not waiting for funds was "corporate" decision, not his. We got the impression he was sincere, which is a reason we are not printing his identity and name.

Back to the story; Starting January 2 buyer gets series of emails and text messages from CalAtlantic® Title (Lennar owned company) and Lennar salesperson that closing was advanced from April to February.

One particular email dated Jan 15th from Lennar Realtor/Salesperson says this: "the closing date for your home is February 26th 2020 at 1pm" and we are then told by Lennar Realtor® and his sales manager "Dawn Faraci" absolutely no change to that selected early date is allowed.

a big thumbs down to Lennar Homes corporation

Why in the world would any home builder want to mandate an etched in granite (and early) closing date and time without a personal courtesy of asking if a date and time is okay with buyers funds availability and schedule, where mutual agreement is normal?

Buyers are not able to close on 2-26-2020 (which likely was a more or less arbitrarily date) because they do not conduct any business on Feb 26 being an extremely sad and unlucky date due to their younger daughter date of birth, who sadly passed away suddenly at a young age.

Later it was revealed by Lennar VP of Sales and Broker "Kathleen (Katy) Spencer" (who knew about my daughter passing) a reason to rush close before month-end Feb was so Lennar Homes can avoid paying a 2% extra cost in carrying over construction financing an additional month. Buyer offered to pay the small 2% expense; a kind offer Katy unfortunately did not accept.

At that point in time, buyer had already spent many weeks trying to get "Lennar Homes" to change COE date because Feb 26 was sadly his daughter's birthday. Buyer was involved in virtual barrage of text messages, emails and phone calls, majority with Lennar Homes Agent/Realtor) and too many to keep track of the total all for a very minor COE date change. The high stress negative negotiations for an insignificant date change seemingly lasts forever.

ongoing finger pointing cauased by bad decision to buy a home from Lennar Homes

After lots of arguing, wasted energy and finger pointing, "Lennar Homes" very reluctantly changes the COE date by 1-day to Feb 27th, but still requires earlier funding date. Next, Lennar Homes Team contacts buyers saying unless funding and close is on the dates "Lennar" will cancel contract and keep 3k earnest money.

Next, there was more and more discussions with Lennar Homes legal and sales team and Designated Broker "Kathleen J Spencer" plus sales manager "Stephen M Moore", CalAtlantic and the salesperson to change funding and latest Feb 27 COE date (due to a minor funds delay), "Lennar" said absolutely no. how stupid is it for lennar sales team to rejects legal advice by corporate attorney Tommy

At that time, we learned Lennar corporate attorney "Thomas Haldorsen" who buyer recently spoke to recommended they change it, however Steve Moore said "Tommy" was over-ruled at sales team meeting.

How stupid is that for Lennar to go against expert advice from your highly respected Harvard Law School (2009 Grad) attorney, instead end-up with one less home buyer and one more "Lennar Sucks" website!

Go Here and learn how to get a justice small claims court jusgment with no attorneyP.S. Did you know a typical Lennar sales contract permits you to file an unbiased, neutral, fair and impartial low-cost lawsuit against Lennar in your local small claims court, where attorneys are not allowed!

Q. Why was a new funding date needed? A. Because Lennar Homes put high pressure on buyer to use their affiliate Opendoor® to sell old house.

However, Opendoor.com low-balled us with a net price approx' 50k under its real value and Opendoor refused to reveal or discuss its list of claimed repairs. Thus we needed to cancel Opendoor® causing a delay with back-up funding (personal loan) for small difference between cash and price.

Due to the Opendoor fiasco, buyer had a subsequent short delay sending a few documents to bank for the backup personal loan. Buyer explained that issue to the Lennar Homes Area Sales Manager (Steven Moore), DB (Katy Spencer), Lennar attorney (Tommy) and the Lennar Homes Realtor and Salesperson, assuring them all cash funding would be about a week after Feb 26/27, 2020.

However, the Lennar Homes team made a ridiculous, insignificant and trivial (allegedly made-up) claim saying they gave 1-day extension before so will not okay more than one-day.

buyers personal loan was approved before 1-PM COE time and date

Ironically, a few hours before (Feb 27) COE date and time and 1-day after contract cancellation, email came from bank saying personal loan was approved with funding after the 3-day right of rescission. Thus all cash funds to close could have been at Cal Title; only a week late.

It's important to note "Lennar" sales contract states buyer may pay $125-day late charge for late-days after scheduled close (with Lennar approval). Buyer voluntarily offered to pay it to both Lennar's Team and CalAtlantic Title but surprisingly Lennar refused to approve it, giving no reason for rejection.

Designated Broker Katy Spencer's refusal to accept my voluntary offer to reimburse a 2% extra cost (and the rejection of my offer to also pay $125 for each day late, as referenced in the Lennar contract) begs an obvious question; if that 2% cost was so significant to force early COE date, then why did Katy decline my offer to pay it (and more)? That makes absolutely no sense.

Salt rubbed in my wound with bias allowing some other buyers to pay daily late charges but no to us To add salt to my wound Lennar's CalAtlantic Title Company informed buyer Lennar Homes has in-fact in the past contrarily allowed some other home buyers to pay the $125 daily late charge but did not approve us to pay it.

In addition, a Lennar salesperson (working at another area Lennar development) recently texted us saying sometimes COE can be late, however there may not usually be any late fee, depending on circumstances.

Q. Why would Lennar Homes not allow us to pay the $125-daily late fee (or not even ask for it from others)? That behavior and attitude is obvious bias and discrimination.

A. It was allegedly because Lennar eventually desired to make more money by selling for a higher price, plus it was obvious someone on Lennar Homes Team did not like buyers over the absurdly strenuous long struggle for a ridiculously short 1-day COE date. lennar corporation can set your early or late closing date-time with absolutely no changes allowed

Lennar displayed no respect for the living or the dead, as evidenced by the earlier long struggle and trouble caused by trying to get closing changed to other than my deceased daughter's date of birth.

It's really incredible and hard to believe Lennar homes later also refused an insignificant 1-week funding date change so we could purchase the Lennar home when it was obviously a time for a change!

That unchangeable new 2/27 COE date also makes even less sense because our 2/24 & 2/25 home inspections done just 1 or 2 days before 2/26 funding date reveals the house was not finished. For example, dishwasher not installed, no medicine cabinets, some wall cover plates missing, driveway not completed, lot not graded and more.

Q. What problems did the rush for fast money cancellation by money hungry "Lennar" cause?

we lost lots of money and other loses thanks to lennar's big rush for money

A. Number-one of course is obviously not having a home to move to and major loss of built-up during construction home equity and money.

Lennar's rush for money also requires month-to-month extensions on our old lease at high cost as we try in vain to find another home to purchase. That is made much more difficult because of coronavirus which is causing sellers to not want any showings.

There is also far less home showings and buying activity as a result. In fact, just yesterday we were refused a showing appointment by a Realtor, we assume over coronavirus worry and fear.

We also wasted vast amounts of time with Lennar Homes trying in vain for a short time funding extension with the extremely minor and inconsequential date flexibility by Lennar team.

In addition to great stress and worry, buyers income also suffered. That's because of less time available to devote to a part-time business (family time too) what with a virtual barrage of phone calls, texting and emails (vast majority with Lennar Homes Agent/Realtor) estimated to number far into the 100s and too numerous to count.

Q. Were there any other events which contributed to such an unfriendly hostile environment and bad experience with Lennar Homes "Circle Mountain" Lot-111?

A. Yes. Such as Lennar refusal to explore evidence buyer discovered of expansive soil, which can be very serious, possibly causing foundation to crack and shift! New buyer of this house (below) should be aware of issue. Hover your Mouse on Photo Below for Late Breaking News  ⇊ Lennar desired to cancel my contract but a long time later this lot-111 house is still unsold in part due to coronavirus pandemic. This info is extrapolated from what a Lennar Executive said

However, it's not easy to identify expansive soil unless you know what to look for and where. Lennar later masked visual evidence of serious bad cracks by patching and painting, thus making it nearly impossible to see.

In addition, Lennar Homes failed to inform buyer (who is disabled) he could have ordered ADA changes during home construction, which buyers learned about at walk-thru inspection when that was mentioned by the Lennar Homes rep conducting inspection.

Q. Why were ADA features important? A. There was no Lewis Model home locally so buyers were told to visit another "Lennar" community to see it. That model had zero entrance ways front, back and garage doors so buyer also expected that on his house. No one said it was only because of it being a Model Home with negative entrances so model visitors did not trip on steps.

Lennar Homes Corporation can make extra profit and more money selling to someone else!

During a Mid-February visit to Lennar sales office, one of the agents there (who we know but name undisclosed at least for now) told me he knew 4 or 5 potential buyers who expressed high interest in buying my nearly completed house and saying to me *"please cancel so I can sell it to someone else" (possibly thinking of commission & profit)

That's one reason buyer is convinced beyond any doubt an alleged reason for Lennar Homes unfriendly non-cooperation was a secret desire to make more money and extra profit by selling my house to another buyer, in view of 4 or more price increases in a (once) strong market since contract date.

UPDATE: we recently learned Lennar in fact did sell the house for more money (not just once but two new buyers). We will be checking the MLS for the sale price as soon as it closes so we have concrete evidence of cancelling us and reselling to make more money.

it's possible someone may soon expose Lennar's wrongdoong by blowing the whistle on lennar corp and lennar homes

As a side-note, the buyer (a retired real estate broker) became aware of an extremely serious wrongful activity by Lennar Homes sales. Its exact nature and who was involved is undisclosed at this time.

That alleged prohibited unlawful act in all likelihood also happens at other Lennar Homes sales offices in its Phoenix region and Nationwide. It's possible a whistle-blower may be interested in this!

We won't go into much detail about it at this time but will say it involves real estate and contract law violations. If this unlawful information becomes widely known to Lennar buyers and the Authorities it could easily cost Lennar Corp untold millions of dollars.

Buyers early knowledge of that shocking type of activity helped fuel to a degree buyers negative professional view of Lennar Homes. The Lennar Homes "Designated Broker Kathleen J. Spencer" a.k.a. "Designated Broker Katy Spencer" already has violation on record for Failure to Supervise. This thus far unreported issue is allegedly another example of supervision failures.

According to a April 2020 Better Business Bureau Report Lennar Homes, LLC. 700 NW 107th Ave. Miami, FL 33172, is NOT a BBB Accredited Business. Isn't that odd, Lennar Homes being nation's largest home-builder but strangely not a member of the BBB. Lennar Homes sucks you should also file a BBB complaint Do you think Lennar not being a BBB member is related to complaints?

With that said, not being a BBB member does not prevent complaints from being recorded by the Better Business Bureau. Does Lennar Homes think a lack of BBB membership dissuades people or somehow reduces the number of complaints? (which strategy may 'work' to a degree)

Addendum: after buyer filed a Feb 24th complaint with American Arbitration Association (ADR.ORG in NYC to make Lennar sell us the house) the Lennar Homes sales manager Steven M Moore called and VP of Sales and Designated Broker Kathleen (Katy) Spencer emailed us reiterating that Lennar will not wait for funds and saying if we sign a docusign cancellation by Feb 27 Lennar will refund 3k earnest money, thus we agreed and also canceled that already filed arbitration or mediation case.
lennar-homes stops payment on check without a notification in violation of cancellation agreement

Lennar's team members (Kathleen Spencer, Stephen Moore and others) saying the 3k check is contingent on cancellation considered a form of "blackmail" in-effect? Do you concur it may be construed that way?.

On 3-11-2020, 13-days later check was not received, which 3k check was allegedly being used by Lennar Homes Team as a weapon of convenience to get us to cancel so Lennar Homes may more easily sell Lot-111 to someone else and get more money in the process. We eventually received the 3k check.

News Flash: That 3k check eventually arrived but upon checking with Chase Bank on March 20th to verify Lennar's check was good we were informed the Lennar check issued and signed by Lennar Chief Financial Officer "Diane Bessette" had a stop-payment placed on it!

In good faith we signed a cancellation agreement only to be blindsided with a bad check from Lennar who in a blatant and brazen clear violation of our mutual agreement put a stop-payment on its check which Lennar mailed to us as legal compensation to satisfy its Agreement.

After getting the shocking bad check news we contacted DB Kathleen Spencer. Katy then sent the matter to Sales Manager Stephen M Moore which issue was then referred to Lennar Associate General Council "Thomas Joseph Haldorsen" a.k.a. "Tommy Haldorsen" on 3-20-2020.

This Lennar Attorney; Thomas Haldorsen offered small settlement after lennar stopped payment in shameless violation of agreement Within a few hours Thomas Haldorsen called me to discuss the matter and propose a new small monetary settlement. FYI, Mr. Thomas J. Haldorsen is a well known Harvard Law School trained California based Construction Attorney and In-House Council for Lennar Corp.

When I asked Mr. Haldorsen why the bad check from Lennar? Tommy said it was because after mailing the check Lennar had second thoughts about the matter saying Lennar did not feel they received adequate or sufficient compensation so Lennar reneged and is demanding more.

Q. What type of additional compensation did Lennar's lawyer allude to during your phone call?

A. At this time I will keep that extremely surprising and significant discussion request private however we may publish it at some point in the near future.

Thomas J Haldorsen was reminded about the series of emails and phone conversations with Lennar Sales Manager Steven M Moore and Lennar VP of Sales DB Katy Spencer offering us $3,000 in return for a DocuSign Cancellation, with nothing else ever requested by Lennar.

Tommy was fully aware of it all but he didn't care and kept on saying Lennar had simply changed its mind after our compensation check was mailed and payment stopped because of a desire for something extra. Most everyone must concur how reprehensible and shameful that is.

The $3,000 bounced check from its Financial Officer "Diane Bessette" speaks wonders about Lennar Homes ethics. Chase Bank bad check signed by Diane Bessette with stop payment order placed on check The stop-payment order unfortunately reflects poorly on Thomas Haldorsen's good reputation by working for a business who commits such dishonorable acts! This is the bad check → →

How does Lennar Corporate Attorney Thomas Haldorsen manage to represent with a straight face a corporation who can do such shameless things like stopping payment on a check sent to satisfy an agreement?

To legally stop payment on that check, Lennar should have first offered to send a new DocuSign (for buyers approval) to cancel and replace the prior accepted Agreement and DocuSign.

Unilaterally reneging on our written and oral contracts by defaulting on payment with a stop-payment check being used a weapon is certainly not an ethical and legitimate way to do business and run a corporation. We are reviewing our options, any suggestions?

Executives and staff we have dealt with or reaching out to:

Lennar Chief Executive Officer Rick Beckwitt
Lennar Chief Operations Officer Fred Rothman
Lennar Chief Corporate Counsel Mark Sustana
Lennar Chief Marketing Officer Kay Howard
Lennar VP Sales Designated Broker Katy Spencer Katy) Spencer dishonestly reneged on agreement Some of Lennar's staff are unfriendly and unhelpful and actions are like Acts of The-Devll
Lennar Investor Relations Allison Bober
Lennar Assoc General Counsel Thomas Haldorsen Does Thomas Haldorsen appreciate how serious this matter is with his small settlement offer?
Lennar VP Media Relations Danielle Tocco
Lennar Ventures President David Kaiserman
Lennar Ventures General Partner Eric Feder
Lennar Multifamily President Todd Farrell
Lennar Multifamily LMC Living JoAnn Blaylock
Lennar Investments President John Gray
Lennar Financial Chief Executive Bruce Gross
Lennar International President Chris Marlin
Lennar Chief Financial Officer Diane Bessette A bounced check was sent by Diane Bessette
Lennar Director Digital Marketing Kelly Key
Lennar Social Media Content Stephanie Barcenas Is it any wonder why Lennar CEO Mr. Stuart A. Miller & Family are    some among the worlds richest people
Lennar Executive Vice President Jeff McCall
Lennar Chief Executive Chairman Stuart A. Miller Stuart A Miller A world's richest persons corp cannot wait a week for my money → →
Lennar Corporation President Jonathan M. Jaffe
Lennar Regional President Jeff Roos
Lennar Regional President Rob Hutton
Lennar Regional President Greg McGuff
Lennar Regional President Jim Parker
Lennar Independent Director Sidney Lapidus
Lennar Area Sales Manager Steven M. Moore Steven M Moore dishonestly reneged on agreement
Lennar Area Sales Manager Dawn Faraci Dawn Faraci was first lennar person to tell my salesperson absolutely no change to COE date is permitted
Lennar Team Email Contact to Send Feedback
Eagle Home Mortgage™ President Laura Escobar
Opendoor® Communications Head Sheila Tran Low balled big time by Opendoor!

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index (2017) and other sources; "Stuart Miller" (pictured above) Lennar CEO salary was $20,000,000 a year and his family controls 22 million shares of Lennar Corp stock (why could such immense wealth not wait a week for my money?) Using today's stock quote $66.64 a share ('666' is the 'Mark of The Devil' is there a connection to Lennar?), valued at about $1.5 billion dollars!

Why in the world would such an incredibly wealthy corporation and person such as "Lennar CEO" "Stuart A. Miller" desire to cancel a purchase and cause great damages by demanding funds on an early non-flexible date and time? That begs the question as to why the Billionaire Mr. Stuart A. Miller and his high salary staff (names and email address above) seemed so desperate to get my (insignificant) amount of money a week earlier than was possible?

more breaking news; incredible lennar stock market losses The above information about the incredible Net Worth of Lennar CEO "Stuart A Miller" was written on March 4 2020 when Lennar stock was near its high $70 a share price level. By March 23rd Lennar's stock dropped like a rock to under $30 level (intraday low $25).

That extrapolates to roughly nearly One Billion Dollars in losses! Is it any wonder Lennar stock crashed what with predictions of real estate bear market and declining new home sales (likely impacting Lennar more vs other builders), combined with Lennar's poor public reputation.

lennar homes sucks like its stock market performance - maybe you should sell now?

About Lennar Corporation Class A Common Stock "LEN". In view of Lennar's dubious reputation with new home buyers along with its major price decline, combined with likely bear new home sales market, it's a good time for major stock analysts to reconsider opinions about "LEN STOCK" being a "strong buy." The important stock market analytical firms who recently reported in the media "LEN" was a strong buy are: BANK OF AMERICA, CO FORECAST, JP MORGAN, KEYBANC, RAYMOND JAMES, SEAPORT, SUNTRUST ROBINS, WEDBUSH, WELLS FARGO, and more.

Lennar says this marketing hype nonsense: INTEGRITY: At Lennar, we are committed to doing the right thing for the right reason. We are dedicated to being an innovator in the industry, constantly focused on improving the quality of our homes and approaching each day with the highest level of integrity for our customers. Value; Integrity; At Lennar, we hold ourselves to the utmost standards in caring for our customers, etc. Lennar's commitment to Quality, Value and Integrity is the underlying foundation upon which we were built. That garbage and rubbish is published on Lennar.com to help Lennar Homes investor relations and "LEN" stock price; however "Lennar Homes" has displayed no integrity to do the right thing for us.

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  2. Read Pissed Consumer: 130 of 151 Reviews (mostly worst negative 1-Star)

  3. Employee (Phoenix): "Avoid This Place. Non-competitive industry pay. Rampant favoritism, laziness is rewarded. Unqualified mismanagement at all levels. Very toxic work environment"

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Posted by a Realtor® Brandon; February 2020: The process of helping my client purchase a Lennar home has been unpleasant from beginning. The representative was very aggressive in getting my client to sign a contract for a home she estimated to be completed around end of February. When estimated date had to be pushed nearly 2-months due to supposed failure to acquire permits, we were told Lennar can take up to 2-years to finish home and still be inside their obligations.

However, the contract specifies that my client would be expected to pay $100/day if he were to delay the closing even 1-day. The contracts are overwhelmingly slanted to protect Lennar and give individuals little recourse if they make mistakes costing buyer time and money. I would highly discourage purchasing a home directly from Lennar Homes. Resale contracts provided by licensed Realtors are designed to EQUALLY protect both parties. If you must buy a Lennar Homes home, buy it from someone in a resale transaction. NEVER BUY NEW CONSTRUCTION!

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